Com-bridge Innovative road bridge made of FRP composites

The rpoject has been carried out within the Demontrator+ programme of National Centre for Research and Development. Agreement No UOD-DEM-1-041/001 from 17 January 2014 on performing and funding the project realised withing the pilot undertaking "Supporting scientific research and development works in demonstration scale DEMONSTRATOR+" called "Com-bridge Innovative road bridge made of FRP composites".


More about the project



The project has been carried out by the Consortium:

  • Mostostal Warszawa S.A.
  • Promost Consulting T. Siwowski Spółka Jawna
  • Rzeszów University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environment Engineering>
  • Warsaw University of Technology, University Research Centre "Functional Materials”



The main goal of the Com-Brigde project is to construct a real demonstrative bridge, located on the road with real traffic. The span of the bridge will be fully made of composites and will be the subject of static and dynamic tests as well as monitoring during its exploitation.
The bridge to be constructed in Błażowa, on local road No 1411R, has been chosen for a few reasons:

  • the existing bridge made of steel and wood, built in the 60s, has limited capacity of 15 tonnes. It is in bad technical condition and needs renovation
  • it is located on the local road of the average traffic
  • span length exceeds 20 m which enables constructing the bridge of the record-breaking span
  • it is located in the vicinity of Rzeszów, so it can be monitored for a few years by the reaserch unit - Rzeszów University of Technology.
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