Seat in Rzeszów | photo Artur Wysocki
Interior | photo Artur Wysocki
Reception desk | photo Magdalena Żmuda

The company was set up in 1995 as an independent individual business called Pracowania Projektowa Promost Consulting.
The founder of the company is Tomasz Siwowski, now the professor at Rzeszów University of Technology.
In 2010 the business was transformed into Promost Consulting T. Siwowski Sp. J. (General Partnership), an in 2016 into Promost Consulting sp. z o.o. sp. k. Simultaneously, in 2003 another company called Promost Consulting Sp. z o.o (Ltd) was set up to execute extensive designing tasks within the system called „design and construct” and to manage huge infrastructure projects. Both companies are working simultaneously, complementing each other's range of responsibilities.



At present Promost Consulting Group is one of the most experienced and one of the few originally Polish consulting companies in transport infrastructure engineering.

The main scope of the company's activity is project preparation and providing comprehensive services to infrastructure projects as well as supporting public administrators in infrastructure management and maintenance.



  • Foundation: 1995
  • Headquarters: Rzeszów
  • Branches: Warsaw, Kielce
  • Area: southern and eastern Poland  (podkarpackie, lubelskie, mazowieckie, świętokrzyskie, małopolskie, śląskie provinces)
  • Employment: approx. 100 people
  • Average yearly turnover: 25 million PLN.

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Promost Consulting - projektowanie, zarządzanie, innowacyjność | designing, management, innovativeness
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Promost Consulting - designing, management, innovativeness | проектирование | менеджмент | инновативность
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